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Orange Tank Submission 2021

I'm going to Atlanta!!!!! Ever since I closed up shop, I've struggled with how to show up in my business. Then when we went into quarantine, I really didn't know what to do so I looked for a community online that got me. It took a lot of time and effort but I found so many women that look like me and speak my creative language. women that supported me and I could support back. No judgement. Just love.

That community rallied around me and I was selected to go to a Bloggers Conference in ATL, called the Haven Conference. I could hardly breathe when I received the news. A Trip , on my my own, with creative women, and the opportunity to meet brands that I love?!!! YESSS!!!!!

Then I got the email that I could enter into the Orange Tank, a pitch focused event hosted by Home Depot.

I have been so honored up until this point and I'm absolutely honored to share my pitch for the 2021 Orange Tank.

I have spent years, making other peoples spaces beautiful. Adding in their vision on uniqueness and love for their homes but all the while, mine was in shambles.

Our house began to fall apart and I 2018, when I finally could see the damage, it was too overwhelming. Fast track to 2020, and I finally had the time to start making our house a home. Making it beautiful for us. Our family of 8.

I started with our yard and I just wrapped up our front porch. Now, I'n ready to move inside. I want to transform our dining room into a gathering space (without the Gather sign) for our growing family.

I envision warm, welcoming, fun, and eclectic vibes. I want to pay homage to the original owners of our home and still make it ours.

Let's look at what I see....

Using the Home Depot App, I can pick and choose the materials I need and stay on budget.

Let me show you how to create a shopping list....

Finally, I get to share with you and Home Depot, a little bit more about me, my family, and my vision for our home.

I thank you all for supporting me from Day 1.

See you in Atlanta!!