One Room Challenge Spring 2021

Last month, things began to shift for me personally and professionally. After spending the past year in "quarantine" and watching the world change, I knew that I needed to look at my business differently.

I made a concerned effort to connect more online with a group of women that I had found over the past year and a half. Women that encouraged me to start creating again. Instead of furniture, I began working on my home. Not with just paint, but with power tools and sweat.

Then, I started to see those same women, signing up for an online challenge that tested their DIY skills and forged friendships. I immediately signed up.

The One Room Challenge (ORC) is an 8 week event where participants makeover one room/space in their home. There are handpicked guest designers and then there are tons of guest participants like me, all doing what we love so much, creating.

I chose our front porch. This space is a special place for me for so many reasons but it is an extension of our home in every sense. We have so many memories on that little porch and it deserves all the love.

After years of getting beat up by all my furniture projects, kids stomping and jumping on it, paint splatters, and drill marks, I get to make her over!!!

Using Canva, I created a moodboard to set the tone for our beloved space.

Using the same shades and vibe from our entryway and living room, I wanted our porch to feel fresh, classic, modern and inviting all at the same time.

Using the shade North Woods from Behr on our ceiling, to wood tones in the faux walls, to adding some modern farmhouse touches with window trim, this space will be the perfect gathering space as our family grows.

Week 1 will consist of lots of cleaning, assessments and measuring.

*clean up porch

*asses floor boards

*determine which boards stay and which ones go....I am being vigilant about purchasing wood due to rising costs

*measure railings

*measure out window trim

*remove existing window flashing

I took a trip to Home Depot and picked up a belt sander, some all purpose cleaner for the siding, and paint & primer for the ceiling.

Today, I was able to get almost all of this completed minus assessing all of the boards. I plan on lifting the boards up in sections, assessing, repairing, sanding, cutting, and put them back. I think I will break the floor up into 5 sections to keep a good pace and prevent burnout. While lifting up a couple of the boards, I discovered the original porch from our home, built in 1896. Just the absolute coolest, right??

I'm completely geeking out!!

I wish I knew this years ago!!!

Oh this porch, I meant to do right by it but it is definitely in rough shape. Its definitely time to invest some love and sweat into it.

Here she is...before she was swept off, scrubbed down, and prepared for Phase 1.

Yikes!!! She has seen better days and I'm going to work so hard to bring her back to life.

We all deserve sunshine so I look forward to doing this along with you.

Let's see what else I uncover!!

Don't forget to follow the Guest Designers and Guest Participants not heir DIY journeys!!

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