Hello 2021....

At the end of every year, we reflect and make up a bunch of new rules to live by. Things that will make us better or more aware. Then with every high, there comes a low. The lows suck. It can make it hard to find motivation and if you are a small business owner or someone who is wants to head down that path, you soon learn that even a brief low, can cost you lots of money and lost time.

In another life, I worked in the big box retail industry. I was pretty damn good at it. I worked my way up from a teenage cashier, to running multi million dollar stores. I built teams of people that I cared for deeply and I learned lots of things that I now apply to my business to help it grow.

At the beginning of every year, shops clean up, have big sales, pare down on all the excess.

They create new goals, reevaluate their teams, and account for what they have so they can spend smarter.

In 2020, so many people had to pivot. Millions lost everything they had been working so hard for and the toll that can take on someones mental health is unimaginable. I too had to pivot...again. In 2018, I closed my brick and mortar and had to pivot. I struggled. I have struggled. in 2020, I thought I had regained some sense of what I would do and BOOM, Covid hit. Pivot. This time, I couldn't move as easily. I have 6 kids at home, all of whom are remote learning. I lost my freedom to do all the things during the day because I had a new role. I knew that this wouldn't be sustainable for me, so I threw myself into my social media, specifically Instagram.

There, I connected with women that looked like me, who loved DIY and mom stuff, who had different perspectives but were creative AF. I spent real time getting to learn from them and be inspired by them. Talking to them. We were helping each other in our own way, navigate this new world that we are in.

Through them , I regained the confidence to begin DIY'ing again. Painting again. And, blogging again after over a decade.

I stopped overthinking as much. I began to value what talents I have because no one can do what I do or tell my story like me. Something I learned very early on in retail days....to stand out.

Okay, so I wrote a bunch of words and maybe you wanna know what the end game is...whats the purpose. The purpose is to keep the momentum going. That fire from 2020 burning into 2021 even if its just as crappy as 2020.

Let's start by building our core. That's the phrase I'm giving this tool that I created for us. I was introduced to this method back into 2019 and really didn't know how to work on it or stick to it. Not now. I didn't want this to be a random piece of paper that you or I would have only to never look at it again. I wanted this business building tool to be put up front and center asa reminder of what you need to do for you and your business.

You place your business or even social media page name in the middle and then label the branches with all the things you want to accomplish. You can even break it down further and create subcategories. This can also be used as a content creator.

Click here for your FREE printable.

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