Don't do it girl...

But for real don't do it girl.

You just cannot pour into others or anything for that matter, if your cup stays empty.

I get it, we're built to nurture.

We take care of others.

We hold ourselves to the highest expectations.

We've seen our mothers do things that we promised ourselves, we wouldn't do.

We've pulled chairs up to those tables and no for nothing, we have built our own damn tables.

We are here birthing babies, running businesses, keeping tabs on our bodies, and practicing all the self care.

But truth be told, we are still ending up with drops in our cup.

Girl, we're anxious.

We're living in serious silence because we have to maintain that IG worthy life.

We are for real accusing ourselves of being imposters.

We are sacrificing our time left and right.

We are out here praising others and then feeling some sort of way about ourselves, like we aren't doing anything with our lives.

Don't get me wrong, all these things can be true and are true.. We are doing it all but we are also still exhausted from doing all the things.

I got questions....

Who are we trying to prove ourselves to?

Do we have habits that are not even serving us?

Are we creating never ending to-do lists for ourselves?

Are we holding our validation in our accomplishments?

I tend to be an observer/reflector.

I stand back and find patterns in those around me and I reflect back on how I move.

Guess what? I'm all of the things that I just spoke about and I've preached it to the choir.

I have lived the life of a non stop doer.

I have found validation in how much I could do in a single day.

I have judged others who couldn't pour from their cups, who had shorter to-do lists than mine until one day, I was forced to stop pouring into lists & people before I replenished my own damn cup.

See here's the reality, when you're out in these streets or in your house, busting your butt, you are pouring from YOUR cup. You are giving your all to every project, to making that content, to being creative, to making that money, to being a business owner, or to working that traditional job.

Then you are attempting to pour into yourself as a woman, into your partner, into your children, into your home, into your friends, and it never seems ends!!!!

How can you sustain a life that gives to others before you give to yourself?

I heard a quote that I want to leave here.

A quote that feels harsh but honestly is so valuable and should be held with care.

"A woman ill prepared is set up for failure"

We can't do it all even if we can do it all.

We have a responsibility to ourselves to be aware of the messages, the habits, the people that don't serve us well so that we can freely give to those people and to the things we are passionate about.

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